90px-Flag of the Papal States (1808-1870).svg

Flag of the Church States


The church states are a country in the Italian Peninsula which are one of the biggest states in the Peninsula.

The Official languages of the country are Italian and Latin, though German (Swiss German) is the official language of the Swiss Guard, the Armed Forces of the Vatican, which are a full modernized army.

After the Reforms of 1947 when the communist party was elected for governing the country, the Pope was deposed of all its political powers though it keeped a great symbolical aspect.

Its National anthem is Gran Marcia Triomfale a march composed in 1857 by Charles Gounod.

The country is a fully democratic parliamentary monarchy with the pope being the symbolic head of state, within its remaining powers, the Pope has the power of designate ambassadors and sanction the laws approved by the parliament elected by universal suffrage every four years.

The Current President is Giorgio Napolitano (PDSC, Partito Democratico Degli Stati della Chiesa)

The country stretches from the border with the Padanian Confederation to the enclaves of Benevento and Comtat Venaissin in France and the United Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

The country has a federal Government and Parliament which are seated in rome, and the states are responsible for all its internal issues. The Federal Government is responsible for Currency, Army, Economy, and International relations. Its Capital its Rome. Its currency is the Vatican Lira

80px-Coat of arms of the Vatican City.svg

Coat of Arms of the Church States

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