Chukotkan Autonomous Republic
Чукотская Автономная Республика
Autonomous Republic of the Soviet Union
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and
the Koryak Okrug.
Flag of Chukotka (New Union)
Flag of Chukotka
Location of Chukotka in the Soviet Union (New Union)
Location of Chukotka (red) in Russia.
Capital Anadyr
Other cities Palana, Pevek, Tilichiki
Chukchi, Koryak, and Russian
  others English, Ukrainian, Yupik
Eastern Orthodoxy
  others Shamanism
Demonym Chukotkan
Area 1,039,200 km²
Population 155,962 
Established 1996
Admission 1997
Time zone PETT (UTC+11)
  summer PETST (UTC+12)
Abbreviations CH, SU-CH, CAR

The Chukotkan Autonomous Republic (Russian: Чукотская Автономная Республика, Chukotskaya Avtonomnaya Ryespublika), colloquially known as Chukotka (Чукотка), and abbreviated as the CAR (ЧАР, ChAR); is an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union (under the jurisdiction of Russia). The republic was proclaimed in 1996 by unifying the two Chukotkan-speaking regions in the Russian Far East, but it wouldn't be until the Saint Petersburg Compromise of 1997 that the CAR would officially become an autonomous republic with Russia and the Soviet Union.

Chukotka has a Russian majority, but the titular Chukchi and Koryak peoples together make over a quarter of the population. The Russian language remains the dominant language within the CAR, though the Chukchi and Koryak languages have seen an increase since the 1990s. Chukotka marks the easternmost point of the Soviet Union, having a maritime boundary (via the Bering Strait) with the United States (with the capital Anadyr being geographically closer to Washington, D.C. than to Moscow). The economy is dominated by reindeer herding and oil extraction. The autonomous republic also includes Wrangel Island, which may have inhabited mammoths as early as 2000 BC (in comparison, the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed around 2560 BC).

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