Charles James "Chuckie" Franklin (October 18, 1886 - March 24, 1971) was an American football coach who coached at the University of Michigan from 1918 until 1940, where he won five national championships in the 1920s and made Michigan one of the most dominant programs in the nation. With the 1923, 1924, and 1925 titles, he is one of only two coaches to ever win three consecutive titles (along with Huron coach Patches O'Brien, who won four straight from 1951-1954). Franklin also won national championships in 1920 and 1929, never had a losing season and won 16 Western Conference (now Lakes) Championships. He had a 18-2-2 record against Ohio State and a 21-1 record against Huron, neither of which were as major of rivals in the 1920s and 1930s as they would become in later years.

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