The Foundation of the Kingdom of Chu

The Kingdom of Chu was founded by a paramilitary organization that had existed in the Han Empire and remained
Kingdom of Chu

The Kingdom of Chu

loyal to the old state of Chu and waited for an opportunity to rise to independence. The Chu entered the First Sinican Civil War after Cao Wei and Bohai turned against each other. The end of the battle left Chu as a small but independent kingdom.

The Leaders of the Kingdom of Chu

King Yijiu 宜臼 635-655 (118-98 BC)

King Situ 司徒 655-666 (98-87 BC)

King Xian 獻 666-673 (87-80 BC)

King Feiwang 費王 873-876 (80-77 BC)

Archduke Shang 殤 876-683 (77-70 BC)

Archduke Chou 仇 683-688 (70-65 BC)

Archduke Bo 伯 688-695 (65-58 BC)

Archduke Ping 平 695-707 (58-46 BC)

Archduke E 鄂 707-722 (46-31 BC)

Archduke Xi 郤 722-730 (31-23 BC)

Archduke Guang 光 730-742 (23-11 BC)

Archduke Min 緡 742-761 (11 BC- 8 AD)

Archduke Shu 沃 761-772 (8-19 AD)

Archduke Chengshi 成師 772-780 (19-27 AD)

Archduke Shan 鱓 780-788 (27-35 AD)

Archduke Guizhu 詭諸 788-799 (35-46 AD)

Archduke Yiwu 夷吾 799-811 (46-58 AD)

Second Han Dynasty

Duchies of the Kingdom of Chu

1. Wuhan 武汉
Duchies of Chu

The Seventeen Duchies of the Kingdom of Chu

2. Ezhou 鄂州

3. Huanggang 黄冈

4. Huangshi 黄石

5. Jingmen 荆门

6. Jingzhou 荆州

7. Shiyan 十堰

8. Suizhou 随州

9. Xiangyang 襄阳

10. Xianning 咸宁

11. Xiaogan 孝感

12. Yichang 宜昌

13. Enshi 恩施

14. Tianmen 天门

15. Qianjiang 潜江

16. Xiantao 仙桃

17. Shennongjia 神农架


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