Galaxy Kolorosia
Planetary System Chrysalia System
Suns 1:Chrysalia Prime
Moons 1:Chrysalis
Rotation period 24 standard hours
Diameter 13,000 km
Primary terrain Oceans, grasslands, beaches, cities, crystal caves
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Dolphins
Immigrated species Humans
Government Utopia
Language Nadasti (English)
Population 100 billion
Capital Chrysaladonia
Affiliation Intergalactic Republic
“In silincing the war from people, Chrysalia remains a peaceful, orderly utopia, the last one in the universe...”
~ Palatine Venalis
Chrysalia is a planet in the Chrysalia System in the Kolorosia Galaxy. It is regarded as one of the most pleasant and hospitable planets in the universe, as a paradise and an utopia. The current President of the United Planets, Sylvia Valorum, hails from the planet. Former president and traitor, Palatine Venalis also came from this planet and became their leader.

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