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The Chronicles of an Alternate Florida is going to be a page were I will give many short stories of an Alternate History that revolves around (I bet you couldn't guess this) Florida. Sometimes I will create a full fledged sometimes in which case I'll add a link to that page.

Feel free to discuss these TLs in the talk page. Also feel free to add stories.

Aviva, Florida Espanola

This TL begins with the Spanish sending a group of soldiers from Mexico over to Saint Augustine. This lets Spain keep its grasps on Florida and during the Adams-Onis Treaty stays in Spanish hands...

Vive la Floride française

What if Pedro Menendez de Aviles had left a week later for Fort Caroline? The hurricane pounded into his ship and threw them into the Florida coast line. Unfortunately for the Spanish they were ship-wrecked only a single mile from the French fort. The Huguenots captured the severely injured Spanish and then René Goulaine de Laudonnière in retaliation of Huguenot persecution of the Catholics ordered them to be killed. The Spanish King sent another Admiral to attack the French. He shipwrecked on the way from Spain on the Cuban coast and died of massive hemorrhaging. Yet another Admiral was sent but he died en route due to mutiny. The Spanish Monarchy decided that they would for now abandon Florida to the French but they would not forget her ..

Angriff des Wolfs

During WWII German Submarines or Unterseeboote plagued Florida all throughout the war. But what if they had done more? What if the Germans made a pre-emptive strike on America? What if they launched a full fledged invasion on September 22, 1940. Nazi Germany had just defeated the great French Republic. The heralder of liberty and the longest continuous state in Europe had fallen to the Germans. The Germans were now perhaps the most powerful nation in the world with England able to be destroyed at any time that Germany wanted. But now they knew that the United States would only get stronger thus they decided to put Operation: Wolf into action. The Nazis landed German Army units in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. The German Army quickly pushed aside the US Army that was severely under-funded and under-equipped. Tallahassee fell on October 2. The rest of Florida quickly fell as the German's panzers rolled on the flat plains of Florida. More landings occurred in New York, Texas, Louisiana and in Virginia. The US Army was woefully unprepared as the Luftwaffe battled o'er the American skies and destroyed the factories across the country. America's military might was crippled by the insufficient supply of essential weapons to the front. The German Army destroyed the last Virginian Army units on December 7, 1940. The Nazi menace was now poised to conquer the great seat of our nation as the Nazi troops passed o'er the Potomac river Americans knew that the end was nigh and nothing could stop the Wolf's advance ...

Florida na hÉireann

What if the Irish had heavily occupied Florida during the short British period? During the French and Indian War
Flag 47

Flag of Florida

the Irish sided with France and openly revolted against the British. The British defeated the rebellion and instituted martial law over the island. The Irish were heavily repressed by the British who in the New World only allowed Irish peoples to settle in East Florida. Mass migrations of Irish went down to Florida as the colony's population nearly doubled. The move was probably one of the worst mistakes that the crown could have made. The Irish were the first to declare their independence in the Declaration of Independence. The Americans had won the war with many new Irish regiments coming out of Florida with Loyalist being forced into Canada. Florida became the hub of immigration from Ireland as nearly 50% of the Irish Americans were in Florida. Because of this growth Florida quickly grew in importance as its population exploded from the immigrants. What would be next for this Second Emerald Isle...

حلال ولاية فلوريدا

What if the Ottomans had hired their own explorers to find new ways to India? Piri Reis set forth on the Tanrı to the new world, accompanied by the Aşk and the Güzellik. The explorer set off to the Americas. His ships were spotted off Hispaniola to a much surprised Spanish. They anchored of the coast of the island, during the night the guards of the ship saw that the Spanish were coming at them bearing arms. Quickly they set off, without plan into the night. Soon they sailed around the whole of the island and were setting off toward, what they believed to be, certain death. But the sailors were spurred by their leader and stayed loyal.

They eventually landed on the coast of Florida in 1512 and claimed the land for the Sultan. They founded the city of الجديد في اسطنبول (New Istanbul) and sent a letter to the Sultan that they had successfully founded an Ottoman colony. The Sultan immediately sent a large number of soldiers, imams and settlers (mainly Arab) to the اسطنبول العثمانية مستعمرة جديدة (Ottoman Colony of New Istanbul) ...

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