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Henry the VII was always looking for ways to expand England's riches. Having only been on the English throne for seven years, he was looking for all the ways in which he could expand his control and solidify his position as well as bring greater riches to his kingdom. Then a sailor by the name of Christopher Columbus walks into his court and states to him that another way to Asia can be found if his ships travel west. Many in the court believe the sailor is just a fancy man with his head in the clouds, but Henry the VII knows the power of Portugal - now the Iberian Union, and their control over the eastern spice trade.

In a gamble, he approves an expedition and grants Columbus five ships - three smaller ships with two galleons. After more than a month at sea, Columbus made landfall on what he thought was Asia. Sailing into a bay and discovering the land to be only lightly inhabited by a few locals, Columbus was confused - he was expecting more people. So he makes landfall and sends his crews inland, trying to seek out people and trading opportunities. He and his crews met the tribal natives but not much was accomplished, apart from the fact that there might be fur trading opportunties. He takes a few of the natives prisoner to show that they have actually managed to arrive at their "destination" to Henry VII. In the meanwhile, some of the other crew members managed to built a small settlement in the bay area, which Columbus calls New York after the House of Henry VII. The iconic fact is, he had just landed in OTL New York. He leaves one ship to protect this new settlement, and sets back toward England.

He arrives and tells an impressed Henry the VII of his endeavours - showing him the natives as an example, and he agrees to a much larger expedition back west. Columbus drops the hint that he might have discovered a new landmass altogether, starting up informal name of the new landmass being called Columbia. But Columbus has confirmed his position in global history, the English explorer who would reshape the world.

But one dilemma remains. Where to launch the second expedition toward?

Back we go to the outpost.

Time to head toward warmer weather.

I wonder if the north offers any secret riches or furs!

Perhaps we should try to do long-distance?

By 1 Imp (Say Hi?!)

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