Christophe the Christian
Cristophe the Christian
Portrait of Christophe
Born 1539
Cahokia, Cahokian Empire
Style His Chiefly Majesty, Great Chief Christophe the Christian of the House of Antinanco
Title Great Chief of Mississippia
Term 1558-1578
Predecessor Antinanco the Restorer
Successor Zacharie
Religion French Catholic
Children Zacharie
Christophe the Christian of Mississippia, born as Mohe, was the seventh Great Chief of Mississippia, ruling from 1558 to 1578.

Christohpe is best known for the establishment of the current system of government for Mississippia - the confederation system. He is also known for pushing the Christianization of Mississippia, and the great amount of expansion that took place during his reign.

Early Life

Christophe, born as Mohe (which means Great Elk in Cahokian), was born to Chief Antinanco the Restorer during his sixth year as Great Chief.

He was therefore raised with the expectation of taking over the entirety of the Cahokian Empire, which his father had established in 1533.

His family was noted in Cahokia for their prowess in hunting, and Mohe was not an exception. He began hunting earnestly at age 7, but he also focused on studying to take over the nation.


His reign was greatly impacted by Jean-Frances Desjardin...


Christophe was the first Great Chief to convert to Christianity. This conversion was reportedly religious rather than political, however the political implications were great. The conversion opened the door for the greater Christianization of the entire realm.

By Christophe's death in 1457, about 80% of Mississippians were Christian, with about 50% of newborns receiving a "Christian name" in addition to their native name.

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