Edward VI of England c. 1546.jpg
Official portrait of Prince Christoph, 1524
Electoral Prince of Württemberg
Tenure 1522 — present
Investiture 3rd February 1522
Predecessor Title established
Governor of Mömpelgard
Tenure 1519 — present
Appointment 7th July 1519
Predecessor Title created
Spouse Marie de Villiers de Tübingen (betrothed)
Full name
Christoph von Württemberg
House House of Württemberg
Father Ulrich I
Mother Sabina of Bavaria
Born 12th May 1515 (age 17)
Bad Urach, Württemberg
Religion Holy Evangelical Church of Germany

Christoph, Electoral Prince of Württemberg (born 12th May 1515 in Bad Urach) is the current Electoral Prince of Württemberg, the heir apparent to his father, Elector Ulrich I of Württemberg. Christoph is also Governor of Mömpelgard Province, and resides in Château Montbéliard.


  • 1515 — 1519: His Highness The Prince Christoph of Württemberg
  • 1519 — 1523: His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Württemberg
  • 1523 — present: His Serene Highness The Electoral Prince of Württemberg

His full title is His Serene Highness Christoph von Württemberg, by the Grace of God Electoral Prince of the Electorate of Württemberg, Governor of the Province of Mömpelgard. In German: Seine Durchlaucht Christoph von Württemberg, durch die Gnade Gottes Kurprinz von Kurfürstentum Württemberg, Statthalter von Provinz Mömpelgard.

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