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Konungariket Christinia (Swedish)
Kuningaskunnan Christinia (Finnish)

Kingdom of Christinia
— Dominion of Sweden
Timeline: Atlantic Islands
Flag of Christinia Atlantic Islands
Christinia Atlantic Islands
Christinia in dark blue

Visheten är rikets stöd (Swedish)
("Wisdom is the realm's support")

Anthem "O Christinia (unofficial)
Du Gamla, Du Fria (royal)"
Capital New Turku
Largest city New Turku
Other cities Fort Christina, New Stockholm, Vasa
Finnish (most widely used)
  others German, English, Dutch
Lutheranism (Churches of Finland and Sweden)
  others Church of England, Church of the Netherlands, Roman Catholic Church
Demonym Christinian
Government Constitutional Monarchy (Dominion)
Parliamentary Democracy
Population app. 4,500,000 

The Kingdom of Christinia (Swedish: Konungariket Christinia, Finnish: Kuningaskunnan Christinia) is a monarchy under the Swedish crown in dominion status.




Christinia's 2005 census counted 4,534,321 people within the nation, 90% of them being Christinian-born. 96.5% of the population is concentrated in cities (with the largest of them being the capital, New Sweden, with 950,000 people). The next largest cities are Fort Christina (after which Christinia is named, and holding 750,000 people) and Vasa (700,000 people).

65% of the Christinian population is ethnic Finnish or Finnish-speaking, with another 25% being ethnic Swedish. Most immigrant activity comes from central and western Europe or the Americans (most of them are of Spanish, Dutch or English ancestry). more to come...


Christinia's government has strong democratic roots, which are upheld through a parliamentary democracy within the Swedish constitutional monarchy, akin to that of Sweden. The monarch of Christinia (King Carl XVI of Sweden), and the King-appointed Prince or Princess (currently Princess Madeleine), are the heads of state (which has no real power in the Christinian government system), whilst the real executive power is holded by the Parliament-appointed Prime Minister (Håkan Juholt).

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