Christine Marie Bonaparte (born April 8, 1993) is the Crown Princess of the French Empire and the daughter of Emperor Maurice Napoleon I and Empress Carla. She is a member of the Sebastienite branch of the Bonaparte royal family, which is descended from Napoleon I through his grandson Philippe the Great, the only surviving child of any of Napoleon's three sons. As per her eighteenth birthday on April 8, 2011, she is now the heiress apparent to the French Imperial throne. As a result, her title is Her Imperial Majesty, the Crown Princess of France and Duchess of Corsica.

In France, Christine has been a source of rampant media coverage since birth, and her father has summarily worked to defend her from exploitative coverage, even issuing censorships against media outlets that defy his ban on unauthorized contact or photographing of either his daughter or younger son, Prince Albert. Christine has nevertheless been a political tool for the Maurician regime in connecting with the country's young as the Officer of Culture and Arts within the Imperial Office, and she is the honorary spokeswoman for the Imperial Women's Council.

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