Christian Republic of America
OTL equivalent: GA and SC
CRA Flag2 No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Liberty, most precious of all (English)

Anthem "Dixie"
Capital Augusta
Largest city Atlanta
Language English
Demonym Federal
Vice President
Population 6,000,000 (1940) 
Independence September 11th, 1936
Annexation to United Republic
  date March 3, 1943
Currency CRA dollar



The CRA constitution is very similar to the original U.S. version. There are some notable differences:

US Constitution CRA Constitution
There are two senators per state. There are ten senators per state.
The president is elected for a term of four years and serves without term limits. The president is elected for term of four years and may seek re-election once.
The president does not have the line-item veto. The president has the line-item veto.
The members of the federal court system are appointed by the president. The members of the federal court system are elected by the people.


With the ratification of the CRA Constitution in July 1936, the CRA officially established the Christian Republican Armed Forces:

  • Christian Republican Army
  • Christian Republican Air Force
  • Christian Republican Navy

The Christian Republican Army is currently equipped with the M-1 Garand rifle and the M2 Browning machine gun. Their army also is in the process of developing their own version of the M2 tank, along with many other armored vehicles.

The Christian Republican Air Force currently employs the P-40 as its main fighter.

The Christian Republican Army currently stands at around 40,000 soldiers and the Air Force as about 65 P-40's.

The Christian Republican National Guard serves as the reserve for the armed forces and stands at around 450,000 men.


The CRA economy is still mostly agrarian, however, with the economy being rebuilt and multiple cities in their jurisdiction, the FSA has made pushes towards industrialization and commerce.

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