The Christian Party of Alaska (Russ: Христианская Партия /Khristianskaya Partiya, abbreviated as KhP or ХП) is a Christian democratic political party in Alaska that is generally regarded as a centrist, socially conservative anti-secular party but which espouses left-leaning economic policies. It was founded as the political wing of the Alaskan Orthodox Hierarchy in 1932 to help influence policy in the Duma, and all of its first three party leaders were clergymen, including Bishop of Kodiak Dmitri Mergeyev. Much like the Moderate Party, the Christian Party has shifted between coalitions over the years, most notably leading part of the dissension in 1965 when it moved to the left-leaning coalition, helping trigger the 16-month Sarugin government. It remained affiliated with the Alaskan left until the early 1980s, when the leftist parties began espousing a more blatantly secular agenda. The Christian Party would sit in the government from 1982-1992, when it defected to the Liberals after suffering heavy electoral losses, but it returned to the Conservative fold in 2002 and has been in the Conservative Coalition ever since. The current Party Leader is Mikhail Filipov, and the Christian Party holds the second-most seats in the Conservative Coalition.

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