Christian II of Denmark and Norway
Timeline: Tudor Line

ChristianII of denmark
Portrait of Christian II of Denmark and Norway

King of Denmark and Norway
22 July 1513 – 20 January 1523

Predecessor John
Successor Frederick I

King of Sweden
1 November 1520 – 23 August 1521

Predecessor John
Successor Gustav I
Born 1 July 1481
Nyborg Castle, Denmark
Died 20 July 1556
Kalundborg Castle
Queen Isabella of Spain
Christian II of Denmark was born on 1 July 1481 to King John and Christine of Saxony. In 1513 King John of Denmark died and the lords of Denmark and Norway elected Christian straight away. However, Sweden didn't accept him until 1520, when he crushed Swedish rebels with an army. He decided that Sweden would be an inheritable kingdom and wanted Denmark to rule over Sweden, but this centralism angered Sweden and the clergy. After Sweden rebelled, it took two years for him to lose the throne in Denmark and Norway and he went to the Netherlands for a time, with this the Kalmar Union fell apart. Now his uncle Frederick I was king of Denmark and Norway and Gustav I from a noble Vasa family was king of Sweden. In 1532 he tried to return to his throne with an army from the Netherlands, this failed and he was imprisoned for the rest of his life.


In 1515 he married Princess Isabella of Spain, daughter of the future Queen Joanna I of Spain. They had six children, but only three survived:

  • Prince John of Denmark (1518 - 1532)
  • Prince Philip of Denmark (1519 - 1520)
  • Prince Maxmilian of Denmark (1520 - 1520)
  • Duchess Dorothea of Lorraine (1520 - 1564)
  • Duchess Christina of Milan (1522 - 1588)
  • Stillborn Son (1523 - 1523)