CFR Flag

The Christian Fascist Republic (CFR) was a breakaway state in the Pacific Northwest formed from the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho which maintained sovereignty from 1935-1942.

Under the the leadership of their Chancellor and Supreme Spiritual leader William Dudley Pelley (b.1890-1965), the mass wave of Christian Fascist immigration to the Pacific Northwest, coupled with the fanatic loyalty of the armed wing of Pelley's movement, the Silver Legion gave the autocratic leader a very large power base and manpower pool during the Revolution of 1935 and later Civil War.

The Silver Legion struck in Pelley's Fascist launched coup during the early portion of the Great Civil War was successful.

Pelley and his Silver Legion took control in late September of three former US states, proclaiming independence from the Washington D.C.'s or Nationalist control on October 1st, 1935.

William Dudley Pelley

William Dudley Pelley shortly after the founding of the Silver Legion 1933.

Though unrecognized by the Governments in Washington D.C., Britain, France, the Soviet Union or any other Western nation, the CFR was eventually recognized by several leading nations of the era which came to be known as the Axis Powers (Achsenmächte) beginning in 1935 with the Empire of Japan.

Under Pelley and the Silver Legion's military wing, the Silvershirts, the CFR fought with the Nationalists against NUSA aligned forces for the last two years of the Civil War.

Unable to press their advantage NUSA cancels plans to invade the CFR in 1938 due to popular discontent in the fortified cities of the East Coast, saving Pelley's rogue state until its defeat in the 1942 NUSA-CFR conflict.

After less than five months the CFR collapses, with Pelley fleeing to Japan.

Uprising and formation of the Christian Fascist Republic

William Dudley Pelley had been planning the rise of the Silver Legion and its ethos throughout the late 1920's. He gathered followers throughout the country and his Christian Fascist Party numbered well over one million card-carrying members by 1930. Seeing the civil strife, conflict and general anarchy was a very distinct possibility after 1932, he founded the Silver Legion and its paramilitary wing the Silver Shirts in 1933. Using his

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