The Christian Democratic Party (German: Kristlich-Demokratische Partei Ostpreußens, KDP) is one of the primary political parties in the East Prussian Bundestag, and is currently the majority party, holding 231 of 450 seats and in a coalition government with the Prussian Union Party to form a near-absolute supermajority.

The Christian Democrats are, traditionally, the opposition party, having been in opposition thirty-five years (1956-1991) and losing six consecutive general elections before their stunning and sweeping 1991 victory under Gerhardt Kunst. The KDP would lose the following two elections due to various corruption scandals and a more centrist Social Democratic Party in the 1990's and early 2000's before winning under current Chancellor and KDP Chairman Walter Willis in 2006 and 2011 with support from coalition partner Prussian Union. The leftward move of the KDP, most notably abandoning its insistence on the "privileged position" of German-speaking citizens and its embrace of the national health service, have been integral to its victories in recent years.

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