Chris Huhne is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the British Republic from 2007 until 2010.

Chris Huhne
Timeline: Fascist Coup Britain

Prime Minister of the British Republic
21 December 2007 – 8 May 2010

Predecessor Menzies Campbell
Successor Jack Straw
Deputy Prime Minister Simon Hughes

Environment Minister
3 March 2006 – 20 December 2007

Predecessor Norman Baker
Successor Steven Webb

Member of Parliament for Greater Southampton
5 May 2005 – 5 February 2013

Predecessor David Chidgey
Successor Jack Summers
Born 2 July 1954
London, British Union
Political Party Social Liberal Party

Early Life

Huhne was born in London in 1954 and attended Oxford University where he became involved in the opposition to the movement to the British Union of Fascists regime.

Following the fall of the British Union and the foundation of the British Republic Huhne pursued a career as a journalist.

Early Political Career

Huhne entered the Legislative Assembly in the 2005 general election when he was elected an MP for Greater Southampton for the Social Liberal Party, in an election which saw his Part regain power after 5 years of opposition.

Less than a year after his election to the Legislative Assembly he was appointed to Cabinet as Minister for the Environment by Prime Minister Menzies Campbell following his election as Leader of the Social Liberals. He served little more than a year before the ousting of Campbell as Prime Minister. Huhne stood in the ensuing leadership election against Minister for Home Affairs Nick Clegg, defeating Clegg in a close race.

Prime Minister

Huhne became Prime Minister on the 21 December 2007, a little over 2 years after entering the Legislative Assembly. He tenure in office was dominated by the 2008 financial crisis and its effects on the British Republic. Over the course of his tenure as Prime Minister the Social Liberals slid in the polls owing to their response to the financial crisis.

This unpopularity culminated in the Social Liberal's routing in the 2010 general election which saw them lose more than half their seats in the Legislative Assembly, following this defeat Huhne rapidly resigned both as Prime Minister and as Social Liberal Party leader.

Resignation as MP

In 2013 Huhne resigned as MP for Greater Southampton following his conviction for perverting the course of justice, his seat was gained by the National Liberal candidate Jack Summers.