Galaxy Chrelytia
Planetary System Chrelytium system
Suns Chylethia
Moons Zero
Rotation period 30 hours
Diameter 12,500 km
Primary terrain Currently: Ice, caves, mountains
Formerly: Grasslands, cities, oceans, deserts
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Chrelytians
Immigrated species None
Government None, formerly: Utopia
Language Chrelytian
Population One
Capital None, formerly: Chrelythia Ariana
Affiliation Haladna Thanda

 Chrelytium is the home planet of the Chrelytians, it is located in the Chrelytium System in the Chrelytia Galaxy. It is currently uninhabited by sentient species, with the exception of Haladna Thanda, who rendered the planet permanently uninhabitable by destroying the Diamond of Chrelytia, which was the source of the Force on Chrelytium. The Chrelytians were unable to reverse the process and left the planet, but forced Haladna to remain on the planet as her punishment.

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