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Sentience Sentient
Language Chrelytian
All others (varies to which person they are speaking)
Mass Varies
Height Varies
Skin color Varies
Hair color Varies
Distinctions •Exceptionally powerful in the Force
•Fast healing
Lifespan Immortal, unless killed by the Forcesaber
Famous members Sky Nadast
Deska Yulanert
Atalia Nadast
Sophie Danai
Caspian Virtanis
Cadence Zash
“We are the Chrelytians, we are part of time and stand outside time at the same time, we are part of the universe and stand out of it. We keep balance at all costs.”
~ Caspian Venalis
Chrelytians, sometimes called "Gods" are a nearly extinct sentient species originally from the planet of Chrelytium. Their current known population is only 15, though in the past there were millions of them.


The Chrelytians seem to be one of the few species in the universe to break several laws of biology and physics. Chryletians do not have a fixed appearance, but can alter their appearance at will, though they typically assume the appearance of humans. Their evolution is even more unknown, some even say they are reincarnations of the Force themselves. Few people have ever seen them, as they mostly remain on their adopted home world Mortis. They are different to be spotted as they can assume the appearance of virtually all species. When angered their eyes glow completely white and also when channeling large amounts of cosmic energies through the Force.


Chrelytians are described as one of the oldest, most powerful and most dangerous beings in the universe. They are the most powerful Force-users in the known universe. Chrelytians are immortal, they cannot be killed by normal ways, only the Forcesaber, a weapon created by the Chrelytians themselves may kill them. If they are wounded, their wounds heal within seconds. Chrelytians can change their appearance at will, but they mostly assume the appearance of beautiful humans. Chrelytians can use a enormous amount of magic-like abilities, though only the ones who are true masters can use them all and without going insane. Chrelytians can control the elements water, air, fire and earth. They can produce extremely powerful energy beams that can destroy large areas. They can produce light to illuminate a large area and generate lightning as well. They can teleport, but only to locations that they know of. They are physically very strong and can lift up to ten tons. With telekinesis they can move very large objects. They are capable of flight and breathing in a vacuum. Chrelytians are very intelligent and cannot be easily fooled. Not all Chrelyitans have the ability to use all these powers, only ones that have learned to control them for many decades. Chrelytians do not easily get tired, though it is actually possible to defeat them by making them fatigued. Chrelytians can read minds and can torture somebody in their mind. They can also use the ability to kill a being with a simple touch, they can however not revive dead beings, though they can use their abilities to heal a wounded being fast. Though, they can't be killed, they can be turned to stone, which is almost irreversible.

Society and Culture

The Chrelytians are a serene species and believe they were created to keep balance in the realm of Realitea. They are not particularly aggressive, though resort to extreme violence when attacked. Their planet is unexplored, no reason is known for this, some say other species just die when on the planet or the Chrelytians kill them. They strongly believe to do what is morally good and just. Chrelytians love to shapeshift and so often. They can transform in any of their ages ranging from infant to elderly.


Chrelytians originated from the now uninhabitable planet of Chrelytium, little is known about their history. They were the first species to ever discover hyperdrive and colonize other planets. It is known that they had an empire controlling the entire Chrelytia Galaxy at one point.  At one point in their history their planet was rendered uninhabitable by a traitor, Haladna Thanda. They were forced to leave the planet and colonized the force-imbued planet Mortis. Around 1,000,000,000 BBC they mysteriously vanished from the Kosmarea Universe, some said they ascended to another plane of existence, others said they moved to another universe. Only ten remain on the planet. The other two, Sophie Danai and Sky Nadast were born on other planets, it is unknown what happened to their parents. They constructed multiple massive buildings such as the legendary Mortis Library. The Chrelytians from Mortis call themselves "The Ones".

Known Chrelytians

The Ones

Outside Mortis

  • Sky Nadast, Human/Chrelytian Sendi Grand Master and former President of the United Republic of Planets
  • Sophie Danai, Chrelytian philosopher, Sendi Master and former President of the United Republic of Planets
  • Haladna Thanda, Chrelytian traitor, imprisoned on Chrelytium as punishment for rendering the planet uninhabitable


  • They cannot be cloned
  • Chrelytian is often misspelled as "Chryletian"

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