Parthica Chrasmia
— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Iran
Chrasmia II
Location of Parthica Chrasmia
(and largest city)
Birigium (Birjand)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Parthican (Lingua Parthicarum)
  others Roman Polytheism, Angelic Gnosticism
Ethnic group Parthicans
Government Provincial Prefecture
  legislature Prefect of Chrasmia

A Short History of Chrasmia

Chrasmia was different from the other Senatorial Parthican Provinces, like Elegabatia and Carmenia. Chrasmia's government was not the typical provincial republic but was led by a governor and sharing power with a Senate. Chrasmia was different being a sparsely populated area it had very few wealthy nobles with which to share power. Chrasmians were used to being dominated. Ideals of Roman culture hardly took hold in that area. Attempts to start elections, tribunals, courses of honors, and other features of Roman style government were failing in this area and were forcing its people into an underdeveloped state. The ethose of this province seems to be one of learning from authority. The parenting style of the Chrasmians seems to be the source of this divergent attitude. The Chrasmians benefitted greatly from the implementation of the Prefect by Emperor Decius. The Prefect made many advances for the Chrasmian people and came from one of the few aristocratic families remaining. Chrasmia began to experience a rejuvenation and new start of growth among its people. Many porjects were started by the prefect and carried through by the otherwise lazy people of Chrasmia. It was behind its neighbors but when it was allowed to join the Senatorial Provinces this brought a sense of pride, sometimes in place of a work ethic, though the Senators were appointed by the Prefect.

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