Choe Yong-gon

Choi Yong-Kun.

Choi Yong-Kun (1900-1971) was the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army during the Korean War, World War III, and the Korean-Soviet War. It was Choi who asked for assistance from the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China to take the port of Pusan, to the objection of Kim Il-Sung. Despite Kim's objections, the Soviet Union and China aided the North Koreans in the attack, and successfully drove off the United Nations forces. In 1971, Choi led the Korean People's Army in an unsuccessful defense of Korea when the Soviet Union invaded during the Purge of the Revisionists. The Red Army overran Korea, occupying the nation and annexing it as the Korean SSR. Choi was executed shortly thereafter alongside Kim Il-sung and other DPRK officials.

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