Vanilla creme bar from Hershy's

In this world, the Mayans & the Aztecs where the only people in the world who knew about chocolate. Hernán Cortés never brought Cacao back from Mexico because he found the Xocolatl (predecessor of chocolate with a salty taste) flavor very disgusting. Instead that, Europeans that visited the empire during the XVI and XVII centuries were seduced by anohter new (for Europeans) flavor: the tlilxochitl (OTL vainilla)

Tlilxochitl (vanilla) names:

  • Nahuatl: Tlilxõchitl
  • Quechua: Tilxochit
  • Arabic: الثيلشوشيت (al-Thilshoshith)
  • Chinese: 巧克力 (Riuzhoregu)
  • English: Tilshot
  • French: Tilçois
  • German: Tilschocht
  • Greek: Tιλχότι (Tilhoti)
  • Italian: Tilccoti
  • Japanese: チョコレー (Tirushoteru)
  • Russian: Tилщoтc (Tilshshots)
  • Spanish: Tilsochite
Helado vainilla

Vanilla ice cream is the most popular ice cream flavor

Most of history is the same but there are a lot of differences.

  • This world does have companies such Hershey's and Nestle; but their principal product are vainilla creme bars.
  • Chocolate (Xocoatl in nahuatl) still being somekind of traditional drink, with a bitter and salty flavor with the same recipe since the III century.

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