Cho Nadast
Cho Nadast
Galaxy Kolorosia
Planetary System Nadast System
Suns 1:Nadasti
Moons 0
Rotation period 22 hours
Diameter 14,000 km
Primary terrain Wastelands, ruins
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Humans
Immigrated species None
Government None
Language None
Population 0
Capital None, formerly: Nadast
Affiliation Intergalactic Republic
 Cho Nadast or simply Nadast is the home planet of the human race.



Cho Nadast was once a very pleasant planet, covered in forests, oceans and grasslands. There were many forests, mountains, hills, oceans, rivers and lakes until an enormous meteorite impact destroyed every living organism on the planet.


The meteorite impact released an enormous shock wave of heat and energy that eradicated all things on its way. Fortunately humanity had already several spaceships en route to Sendac and Terra. Several months after the impact the planet cooled down and it seemed that nothing survived. The once prosperous planet, full of forests and oceans was now nothing more than a cold and barren world. Humanity was forced to abandon the planet forever. However, some buildings survived the cataclysm and were turned into ruins. Today, nothing remains of the once so great forests and oceans.



Cho Nadast was a habitable and pleasant planet where many different life-forms developed. One of them evolved from primates into the race of humans. Over time the humans developed and became the dominant species of the planet. In 10,200 BBC (9300 BC) the different nations began a war that would last a hundred years until they were unified into the nation that would later become the Intergalactic Republic.


After the unification the humans quickly advanced into a great civilization. The planet became the capital of the Intergalactic Republic. The human civilization flourished on this planet. They constructed many great buildings such as the Great Library of Nadast. They began to colonize other planets, but they didn't see that an enormous danger was coming.

Destruction and aftermath

In 9900 BBC an enormous asteroid collided with Cho Nadast, destroying everything and burning the surface of the planet. Fortunately, two spaceships were in space at that time and many humans were already living on other planets, but after they lost contact with the planet, panic erupted. The first spaceship landed on Sendac, where humanity successfully retained their technology and re-emerged, the second landed on Earth, where there were already similar forms of life. The humans on Earth eventually forgot their past and lost contact with Sendac and they reverted to a primitive society. Nobody survived the impact event and the humans abandoned the planet forever.

Present state

Cho Nadast today is a cold and barren planet with average temperatures of -10°C to 20°C. However, there is still life on the planet, small micro-organisms do still inhabit the planet. Many ruins are still standing and humans are considering terraforming the planet to repopulate it once again. As of December 2013, some areas of the planet have been terraformed, such as the area around the Great Temple of Nadast.

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