Chinese State
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1952-1972 Succeeded by
First Chinese Republic Flag Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928)

DD83-Flag of Yunnan (single)
Flag of Xinjiang-Shicai 2
Flag of Tibet

Chinese State Flag Yin and Yang
Flag Coat of Arms

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In 1952, people felt that the First Chinese Republic was getting corrupt and unstable. The people that they wanted to run were being shut out by the current president's cabinet. So, in July of that year, 866 people stormed the palace and caused a coup known as the 1952 Chinese Coup. The people that they were replaced with were candidates that most people wanted to run.

An oligarchic nation known as the Chinese State was formed, with the same flag as the First Chinese Republic. But, over the next seven years the government that was placed there became more and more corrupt themselves. In 1959, they began to agree that their governmental ideas would work for the surrounding Asian governments as well. They decided to systematically invade Ayutthaya, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and created a puppet government called Xiānluó.

Chinese State Flag

The flag of the Chinese State from 1961-1972.

In 1961, the CS replaced their flag with the one most connected to them. The black represents the darkness outside the CS, and the white text represents peace inside the state. The two bars of white symbolize heaven and hell, and how they are both better than the outside world. To learn more about the flag of the Chinese State, click here.

In 1965, the State seized the island of Hokkaido in Japan and created a vassal known as North Nippon. It was a military state, and was used as the place of training for the CS troops.

Over the next six years after they changed their flag, they worked on gaining more of a foothold in the public eye. By the end of those years, they had established many new laws, such as:

  • No speaking against the state; they know what's best for you.
  • If you've lived in a foreign country for the last seven years, you cannot become a citizen of this country.
  • You can only go places outside the CS that the government allows.
  • If you attempt to break any of the rules put in place above, the CS can sentence you to death immediately.

In 1969, the State seized bases in India, which started the Second Great War.