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Chinese Soviet Republic of Jiangxi (Germany wins)

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Jiangxi–Fujian Soviet
Flag Chinese soviet flag.svg
Official languages Chinese
Demonym Chinese
Government Maoism Single-party state
 -  General Secretary Xi Jinping
 -  Head of state Xu Shousheng
 -  Head of government Du Jiahao
 -  Xia dynasty c. 2070 BC 
 -  Shang dynasty c. 1600 BC 
 -  Zhou dynasty c. 1046 BC 
 -  Qin dynasty 221 BC 
 -  Han dynasty 206 BC 
 -  Xin dynasty 9 AD 
 -  Jin dynasty (265–420) 265 
 -  Sui dynasty 581 
 -  Tang dynasty 618 
Currency Renminbi (¥)
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)
The Fujian People's Government exists since 1931.

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