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C&B Romanization OTL Pinyin
nas plo plo h fri afr afr h lat a apr nas plo plo h fri afr afr h lat a apr
Biliabial mpph m bp
Labiodental f f
Alveolar ntths z zhl n dt s z c l
Retroflex x c ch r shzhch r
Alveolopalatal j q qh x j q
Velar gkkhh nggk h
CB Romanization OTL Pinyin
ɑ ɥɑ ə ɥə ɑ ɥɑ ə ɥə
0 a ia va o ie vo ye a ya wa e ye wo yue
-jai vai e ve ai wai eiweiwo
-wauiau u iu aoyao ouyou
-nanianvanyan enin venyn anyanwanyuanenyinwenyun
iaŋvaŋ veŋangyangwang engyingwengyg
−ə i ii vu y i yi wu yu

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