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Chinese Reconquest (The Sicans)

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The Chinese Reconquest was a war when the Hill tribe fought and regained control of China. It is the first war in the Sican Reconquest.


In about 898, the Chinese sieged Xanux once again. The siege was a complete failure, so much that the Hills living in Xanux reversed the invasion. By 899, Manchuria fell. By 900, the Tang Dynasty was almost completely out of power in Eastern China.

Most of the battles were won by a brilliant young general named Consteto, the son of the king of Xanux.


In 903, after all of China fell under Hill control, the Hill Dynasty was re-established, with the king of Xanux becoming the emperor. In 904, Consteto become emperor of the Hill Dynasty.

If the Hills had not reconquered China, none of the re-conquests after would have taken place.

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