OTL equivalent: China. Thailand, North Korea and South Korea, Malaysia, Alaska and Canada
China reconciliation flag (fictive) Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
China location
Location of Chin'an
' Kunming
Largest city Shanghai
Other cities Beijing, Xian, Bangkok
Language Tibetan-Burman, Mandarin and 45 other ethnic languages
Buddhism. (60%)
  others Islam (6%)

Confucian (33%)

Demonym Chinese
Government Monarchy
  legislature Emperor
Population 5.4 million 
Established 2657 BC
Currency Ming Chi

Founded in 2567 BC China is one of the biggest countries in the world. It was the first to discover the Americas (OTL). The Silk Road ended in China before it was closed and later re-opened. It is very ethnically diverse with over 45 ethnicities in its borders. The ruling families are the Ming family. They have an alliance with Tibet.

China location

China in 1499

foreign relations


China and Tibet started off bad but as Chinese people became more and more Buddhist their countries grew closer together and now have an alliance.

Indian Kingdoms

They have a small trade route together that was closed in 1501.


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