Chinese Civil War
Date1990 - 1996
ResultNationalist Victory
Chinese Nationalists Chinese Communists
80,000 men,
43 tanks,

70 aircraft

250,000 men,
201 tanks,
102 aircraft
Military casualties:
12,009 killed,
14,812 wounded
3,112 missing

Military casualties:23,126 killed,
9,383 wounded,

1,421 missing

The Chinese Civil War (中國内战) was a civil war in the People's Republic of China. It was spawned, in part, by the political unrest brought on by the brutal response to the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The military of China fractured, with two of the chief generals turning against the Politburo of Beijing. While the parties of the war have been viewed as Nationalist and Communist, it is important to note that the Republic of China (Taiwan) was not involved in the hostilities until the Blockade of Hong Kong.


After the first year of hostilities, Beijing accepted a ceasefire with the rebel commanders, but to the wider world only acknowledged Fujian as an Autonomous Region. Fujian continued to actively seek international recognition. While China maintained the pretense that all was well, the tentative ceasefire with Fujian did not end the Civil War, which continued with the troubles in the East and South.

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