T5 v battle suit for females by lsquall-d5eny5b

A male and female version of the Chinese Battlesuit Armor Mk-III.


The People's Republic of China of this alternative reality greatly diverges from our own reality's the People's Republic of China. Its slightly far more technologically and scientifically advanced than our own reality's People's Republic of China to the point that they themselves have a series of far more technologically advanced powered exoskeletonal battlesuits that almost equals to Urauslain's Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-IVs.


They were based on the Lenoid Battlesuit Armors of Urauslain. It was during a great technological exchange between Urauslain and China that the government of Urauslain decided to share their battlesuit armor technology and science to the Chinese people.

Ukraine Zombie Outbreak.

In the very first days of the near-global outbreak when the entire nation of Urauslain went into a military nation-wide lockdown, the People's Republic of China activated the military's battlesuit armors to deal with parts of the non-infected areas of China from the infected people.

The Chinese Battlesuit Armors were technologically near-equal to the Urauslain's Lenoid Battlesuit Armors, and therefore, almost effective and useful against the plague caused by the cosmic spore dust from outer space.

While the American version of the battlesuit technology was near-poorly designed and developed by the American semi-laziest scientists and engineers, the Chinese scientists and engineers worked much harder and more timing to designed and developed their version of the battlesuit technology.

It proved even more effective when a group of infected people were easily handled by the Chinese 54th Battlesuit Brigade.

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