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Fortunately, just as all seems bleakest, China, well aware that if the Soviets succeed it will be next, enters the war in India. The combined Chinese- Indian forces push the Soviets back, though are not able to advance any further. Meanwhile, the English recover. Queen Elizabeth happened to be in Balmoral at the time, and much of Parliament survived because it had been adjourned for Christmas. Around half of them survive and the government is moved to Manchester. In America, a brutal attack on Mexico, aided greatly by rebels, succeeds in deposing the government. Only small pockets of resistence still exist.

Not all, however, is good news. With Paris fallen, the Soviets launch Operation Equality, exploding into Britain. Though their beachhead is held to just that, large amounts of Soviet forces are being sent there, and the Americans and British are also attempting a further invasion of Brazil. The invasion there is vital, for new troops, resources, and to boost morale and show that all is not lost. If Britain falls, though, the Allies will certianly lose. The President of the USA has a major decision:

Continue Annexation of Brazil

Reinforce Britain

The Royal Guns (talk) 16:04, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

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