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Second Chinese Republic
Second Chinese Republic Flag Republic of China National Emblem
Flag Coat of Arms

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China VINW

Darkest Grey - Non-Chinese Nations, Lightest Grey - Formerly Chinese Nations, Middle Grey - Current Regions of China


After the end of Occupied China in 1996, the Second Chinese Republic was founded as a shaky democratic nation. It was still recovering from its loss in GWII, and is still feeling the repercussions of its loss.


After the English, the Scottish, the Indians, and the Vinlanders pulled out of China in 1996, China was given its freedom as a democracy. The English oversaw the re-founding of China through until it seemed stable enough to start on its own. After the English pulled out of China in 1999, Tibet peacefully integrated into it.

Throughout the next seven years, it experienced many oligarchic revolts and Chinese State nationalist raids. In 2008 it passed the Reigning Peace Bill, which declared that anyone who attempted to overthrow the government would be immediately sentenced to death. The raids and attempts decreased significantly.


Chinese Provinces VINW
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Presidents of the SCR

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