Zhōnghuá Mínguó
Republic of China
1948 –
Flag of the Republic of China
Location of China.
Capital Nanjing
Official language Standard Mandarin
State ideology Capitalism
Government presidential system
Head of state
- 1950 –
Chiang kai Shek
Historical era
- Establishment:
Cold War
February 12, 1948
Currency Yuan


The Rise of the Republic

After the Japanese were defeated, China decided to request assistance from the United States. To this end, Chiang Kai Shek convened a constitutional convention to draw up a constitution. Using a mixture of Roman and Chinese Law, the Constitution set up a tricameral legislature (Mandarin council, the high council and the Senate), a stronger judiciary and a presidential office. However, the President was limited to one five year term, with the first elections in 1950.

Chiang ran as the KMT head, and won the election with 47% of the electorate against Lin Bao's (Progress party) 32% and Deng Xiaoping's (Socialist Labour Party's) 21%, thus establishing a tripartisan system. Eventually, a fourth Party, the Centre Party, would arise form the 1975 election.


Army - The Chinese has an amy whose size is only rivalled by India. Their Class L tanks and Hornet helicopters are easy to mass produce and are known to be very reliable.

Air Force - the ROCAF is currently undergoing a modernisation programme with the Dragon Mk IV replacing the obsolete Dragon Mk III

Navy - China's strength is in its navy, and as such


China has a tricameral legislature which consists of as follows:

Council of Mandarins: 1000 people are elected here to represent the various provinces in China. No term limit.

High Council: 500 representatives are elected and vetted for approval by provincial governments.

Senate: 250 representatives are sent by the provinces and elected by the legislatures. They remin in office for 4 years and are eligible for three terms.

There are 3 main political parties in the ROC:

KMT (Blue) - This is the Chinese equivalent of the British Conservative Party. They follow Sun-Yat-Sen's three principles of the people

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