China is the largest Eastern Asian empires and one of the world's largest empires. Its navy is nearly unrivaled and its military is among the largest and most trained militaries in the world. The eastern portions of China are cultural hotspots, which draw tourists and scientists worldwide. The middle of China is an agricultural center, which exports crops to many Asian and some European nations. To the West is a cultural blending pot. Once looked down upon by the rest of China, Western China is considered the gateway to Europe. Besides the blending of Eastern and Western Cultures, the area has a high military presence.

History (In-game)

Ming China

The Ming Dynasty of China had suffered under the Mongolians long enough, who are now broken up. The Chinese military amped up its strength and size and launched a brutal attack on the Khanates. One by one, the Khanates fell. The Chinese military was fierce and brutal in capturing and holding the territory. This has been used as bragging rights and fear tactics.

After the wars, China calmed the newly conquered territory. Soon, the area was calm and integrated. The crime rate was higher than other places of China, but Western China was now fully Chinese. The Chinese increased its military and naval capabilities, along with relations with other countries.

China once threatened war with the middle east if the Silk Road wasn't opened, and for years, the Western borders were put on high alert.

Hostile tribes became a problem in Tibet, and China promised to help the peaceful tribes in return for loyalty to China. Hanthawaddy, instead of seeing a country helping a struggling community, saw a twisted struggle for Tibetan resources. Ironically, they decided to annex parts of Tibet as well. Soon, Tibet was split among the two nations.

China has a colony in Baja. It also had its only large scale war since the Mongolian Extermination with the Incans. The Chinese subjected the Incans and are still integrating the civilization into the Chinese Empire.

Russia has had a gruesome history with China, despite the fact that China probably saved them from the Golden Horde. This is why the northwestern borders are always on high alert.

China has become close friends with Japan, helping it during natural disaster and vice versa. During the skirmishes with Russia, China and the Ottoman's relations have increased.

When the Mughal Empire arose, China immediately went into full gear, trying to prevent the legacy of the Mongols from taking another life. All of Western China is ready to attack at the first sign of trouble. As of the 'False War', Chinese/Mughal relations have improved to the point of alliance.

In 1609, Hanthawaddy betrayed China and invaded. Russia decided to take the opportunity to invade as well, and China was on full defense, valiantly expelling the forces from their lands while calling on other nations for help. At the end of the war, all deals with Hanthawaddy were considered void until 1622. Full trade has recently been restarted.

In 1625, China declared war on the remaining Khanates. Since the Hanthawaddian War of Aggression, Chinese-Russian relations have increased due to deals to keep the peace.

In 1639, China went into civil war. Ming China versus South China soon engulfed the nation in revolution!

Qing China

The revolution had deposed the old Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty was established. The first emperor immediately left out Hanthawaddy of its gifts to the neighboring nations due to the fact that his family died in the attack years ago.

One of the most important details regarding Qing China is that it was by far the most colonial dynasty. It showed this heavily in 1651, when it went on a conquest
Qing Empire Imperio del Qing (*1644 -1912)00:59

Qing Empire Imperio del Qing (*1644 -1912)

Anthem of Qing China

of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. The war, which lasted upwards of twenty years, became the longest-lasting war in Chinese history due to the huge space between China and Central America.

In 1690, the wars ended. The Aztec and Mayan empires were destroyed and became colonies of the Chinese Empire. Also that year, Joseon's vassal, Manchuria, was having problems due to Joseon's new isolationalist policy. China offered Manchuria a deal, making Manchuria its vassal in return for protection and a better economic situation.


Tell me if I forget anyone



-Incan Civilization


-Mughal Empire


Foreign Relations

  • Relations with Vietnam have usually been great. China has financial and economic relations with Vietnam and almost always backs them up in war.
  • Joseon relations are usually good. Despite a somewhat ambivalent, if not hostile past in the 1400s, China is now on good terms with Joseon. They have a financial and militaristic alliance with Joseon.
  • Up until the Japanese collapse, China was allied militaristically with Japan.
  • Russia and China used to be bitter rivals. Border skirmishes were quickly beaten down by both sides. In the late Ming dynasty, Chinese-Russian relations increased. The have a financial alliance.
  • Hanthawaddian-Chinese relations were once happy and bright. Unfortunately, Hanthawaddy went against their alliance with China and invaded China, setting forth a chain of events that would lead to the painful collapse of the Ming Dynasty. Despite trading with the Mons, the nations were at a bitter cold war until the Aztec-Mayan Wars, in which hostilities with Hanthawaddy returned to normal due to deals..
  • China was very apathetic regarding the Mughal empire from the start.
  • The New Incan Empire are Incan Refugees from China's Incan colony. Now, their relations with China are great; China even sold their colony to them! They have a militaristic and financial alliance.
  • China is trading all the way across the Old World, even trading with the Commonwealth.
  • The Ottoman Empire owned part of the Silk Road and got the benefits of the trade. They had a militaristic and financial alliance until the Ottoman Empire lost its ground to various nations. Istanbul is still a major trade city.
  • The Persian Empire is a rebellion from the Ottoman Empire that China fought to prevent. They have limited contact with them, though are not too happy about Persia opening deals with other nations.

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