Location of Second Ming China

Extant of Ming empire

After the death of

Zheng He Emperor Zheng Tong decided to sent out new explorers to the east of Japan and thus landing in North America in 1439. By the turning point of the 17th century the Ming were able to defeat the Manchus who were harassing the Ming and captured Manchuria, and began trading with the Russians.

17th century

Trade with the Russian Empire came to a halt when Russian troops captured Mongolia and began building up troops among the borders, The Ming declared war on Russia and fought the Sino-Russo War. following the victory Ming got Sakalin Island Mongolia, and part of Siberia from the Tsardom. By this time Colonies in North America thrived and later the colonies demanded to be a independent nation and the court in Beijing as long as they paid tribute to the Emperor. facing threats from the Russians again as more Russian troops came to Siberia. Ming gave the Tsar a ultimatum to pull there troops out of Siberia or face an all out War the Russians agreed and pull there troops back. Portugal began to sent missionaries to Ming and the emperors agreed to let the missionary to spread Catholicism as long as they do not interfere with the court. The Ottoman Empire was a new threat to the Ming and

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