National Socialist Republic of China
Zhōngguó Guójiā Shèhuì Zhǔyì Gònghéguó
Timeline: Louisiana Revolution

OTL equivalent: China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam
ChinaRepublicFlag Twelve Symbols national emblem of China
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Shanghai
Largest city Shanghai
Other cities Beijing, Tianjin, Hanoi, Taipei, Seoul
Language Chinese, Mongolian
Religion Buddhism, Hinduism
Ethnic Groups
Han, Manchu, Mongol
  others Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese
Demonym Chinese
Government Nazi republic
  legislature Bureaucracy
President Xi Jinping
Area 4,601,936 square miles
Population 1.83 billion 
Established 1912
Independence from Qing Dynasty
Currency Yuan
Calling Code +86
Internet TLD .cn
Organizations Far East Compact (FEC), Shanghai Coalition, United Nations

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