China officially the People's Republic of China, was a former nation in Asia, which splintered after the nuclear war. In some areas new nations have risen, whilst others are simply scattered with city states and bandits.

China Map GNW

Map of China


No flag Anhui

Anhui is a nation in Eastern China. Whilst hit during the War, its large population meant that some order was able to survive

Flag of Mongolia Mongolia

Mongolia is a nation to the north of China which expanded into the Inner Mongolia region of China after the collapse of the PRC. However, it was later invaded, alongside Manchuria, by the USSR, and its Eastern Part re-organised into the PRC.

Mao Zedong's proposal for the PRC flag People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China is a state in Northern China, formed from Manchuria and parts of Mongolia, after the USSR invaded.

Flag of the Republic of ChinaRepublic of China

The Republic of China, formally the legitimate government of China, was pushed to the island of Taiwan after 1949 in the Chinese Civil War. With the collapse of the PRC, The ROC has taken the opportunity to re-assert itself in the mainland.

Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) South China

The Republic of South China is a nation located in south-west China, luckily intact without nuke area, it have manage to become a democracy and of expand himself info central China, is a industrial and agricultural nation with a capitalistic economy and cooperate with the Republic of China in the creation of a stable China.

No flag Sichuan

Sichuan is a nation in Central China. It has always held a strong cultural identity, with its own dialect of Mandarin. As a resource rich nation, it has quickly risen, though has made some enemies of local city states due to its prosperity.

Flag of Tibet Tibet

<p style="font-weight:normal;">Tibet is a nation, which was formally occupied by PRC troops in 1950. After the collapse of the PRC, the nation quickly re-asserted itself, and reinvited the Dalai Lama to become leader. Whilst relatively stable, it is dealing with rogue PLA Units and Bandits in the North-West of its territory.

Kokbayraq flag Uyghuristan

Uyghuristan, variably called East Turkestan or Xinjiang, claimed its independence in the aftermath of the Great Nuclear War.

Flag of the Pearl Delta Zhusanjiao

Zhusanjiao, more commonly known as the Pearl (River) Delta, is a nation in the south of China, formed from Hong Kong, Macau and Hainan.

City States

In addition to these organised states, there are also countless city states in Central China, many of which claim to be the successor of the PRC. Some of these have formed alliances, whilst others war frequently.

Former Nations

Flag of Manchuria GNW Manchuria Manchuria was a nation in the North-East of China, before its annexation by the USSR and reorganisation into the PRC.

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