Republic of China
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: Southern China and Taiwan
ChinaRepublicFlag ChinaRepublicCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Manchuria (French Brazil)
Location of China in blue

自由和独立 (Simplified Chinese)
("Liberty and Independence")

Anthem "National Anthem of the Republic of China"
Capital Nanjing
Largest city Shanghai
Language Simplified Chinese
  others Taoism, Confucianism
Demonym Chinese
Government Semi-Presidentialist Parlamentary Constitutional Republic
  legislature National Assembly (National Council, House of Representatives)
President of China Hu Jintao
  Party: National
Prime Minister Wen Jiabao
Established Colony of China - 1840

Manchuria Conquest - 1948 Independence of Tibet - 1950

Independence from Empire of Brazil
  declared October 10, 1947
  recognized October 15, 1947
Currency Chinese Yuan
Organizations United Nations
The Republic of China is a nation in Asia, that suffered of several conflicts after the independence.