China is both the name of a region of southeast Asia, as well as the common title for a number of nations that have existed throughout the centuries.

History Post-Doomsday

Post Doomsday, China fragmented due to the number of nuclear warheads which struck major Chinese cities in both Chinas. Only now can we see the number of newly-formed stable states increasing as the TRC sets out to take control of all of China while the PRC re-emerges. Other states like Yunnan have also made their presence felt - as a strong industrial power, while odd states like Guangxi - a technocracy have made their presence felt.

Tibet, a nation which had struggled for independence, finally received it post-DD and has gone on to control some outlying territory to the north.

WCRB Report on China

With renewed contact with several nations within mainland China, a picture can be painted of what the Chinese political landscape looks like today. Keep in mind this map is constructed from both official reports, rumours, and hearsay. This map will be updated as new states are discovered.

83DD - ChinaMap

The map shows us the location of nuclear strikes on the PRC, as well as several confirmed and rumored states within the former People's Republic of China. While there are many smaller city states, nomadic bands, and unorganized villages, these states reportedly are powerful enough to influence the allegiance of the smaller villages and cities, or are able to assert a measure of control over an area farther from their center of power. The darker colors show the effective control of these states, while the lighter colors show either their sphere of influence (independent areas that defer to the more powerful nation), or regions of loose control. These states are:

  • Tibet - A constitutional monarchy located in the Tibetan plateau. (map shows sphere of influence)
  • Republic of Yunnan - A democratic state evolved from the People's Republic of Yunnan. (map shows areas of control and vassals)
  • Nanchang - a military junta centered around the city of Ganzhou (map shows loose control)
  • People's Republic of China - Some remnants of the Communist Party of China managed to organize themselves in the city of Taiyuan. The People's army there is currently attempting to establish control over Northern China. Recently, however, the state has unified with the former nation of Gansu and has also extended to the coast - allowing it to finally open its doors to the International market. (map shows loose control)
  • People's Kingdom of Jiangsu - The people of the agricultural center of Northern Jiagsu province organized following the destruction of the PRC and decided that if a monarchy didn't work, a republic didn't work, and a communist state didn't work, why not take the best of each? The result was a socialist constitutional monarchy. Its location is such that it is poised to become an economic powerhouse in china due to its near monopoly on industrialized agriculture, which could lead it to be the major food exporter of the region. (Map shows vassals)
  • Dragon State - An authoritarian state of which there is little information other than the fearful reports of people who have ventured too near. (map shows loose control)
  • Hainan - A republic that arose from the province of Hainan
  • Macau - A former Portuguese colony that has since gained independence and now controls Chinese lands.
  • Taiwanese Republic of China - The successor to the Republic of China. The democratic situation of the nation has improved dramatically, and they have begun reclaiming parts of mainland China. (map shows sphere of influence)
  • Guangxi - A technocratic nation that has appeared in Northern Guangxi province. It produces a growing surplus of rice each year due to its fertile location which was spared from major fallout. Guangxi has strong relations with Macau and Vietnam. The nation stands to be a potential powerhouse due to its strong agricultural industry and potential for industrial development and expansion into central China.

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