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Chilean Presidential election, 2014
January 19-February 16, 2014
Evelyn Matthei foto campaña Sin foto
Candidate Evelyn Matthei Jesús Cohn Martinelli
Party PN PR
Alliance Alliance

Michelle Bachelet headshot Hernan Larrain José Miguel Insulza
Candidate Michelle Bachelet Hernán Larraín José Miguel Insulza
Alliance ASD CDN UDP

The Chilean Presidential election of 2014 was held on January 19 and February 16, 2014 to elect the President of Chile, who will be inaugurated with a Cabinet of his choice on April 10 along with the Congress elected on January 16, as Constitutionally mandated. The election was notable for being the first held after the coalition realignments of 2011-2012, in which the PDS formed the Social Democratic Alliance along with the environmentalist Preservation Party, and with the defection of the PDC and PN from the National Democratic Confederation to form their own coalition, the Alliance for Chile. Party and coalition primaries and conventions was held during the fall of 2013 to select and nominate candidates for the election.

Candidates Gallery

  • Alliance for Chile (primaries conducted July 2 through September 7 2013)
    • Andrés Allamand (PN), former President of the National Party (2006-2010), Minister of Defense (2010-present)
    • Evelyn Matthei (PN), former Minister of Defense (2006-2010), Minister of Finance (2010-2012), Minister of the Interior (2012-present)
    • Oscar Quesada (PDC), Secretary-General of the PDC, former Minister of the Interior (2010-2012)
    • Pedro Santos (PDC), Senator, former Minister of Industry and Public Works (2007-2010)
    • Soledad Alvear (PDC), former President of the PDC (2006-2010), Senator for Santiago/East (2010-present)

The PN candidate Evelyn Matthei won the primary election against the PDC Soledad Alvear.

  • National Democratic Confederation (primaries conducted at August 2013 Coalition Conference)
    • Pablo Longueira (UG), former President of the Gremialist Union (2003-2005) and former Minister of the Interior (2006-2010)
    • Hernán Larraín (UG), former Senator, Minister of Finance (2006-2009) and 2010 UG Presidential nominee
    • Estela Blanco Romero (PRL), former Secretary-General of the PRL (2008-2009) and Senator for Los Lagos.
  • Social Democratic Alliance (primary conducted at July 2013 conference in Santiago)
    • Enrique Borrero (PDS), Party Leader and 2006 and 2010 Presidential candidate
    • Michelle Bachelet (PDS), former Minister of the Interior (2002-2005) and PSDP Candidate in 2006
    • Michelle Longoria (PP), President and founder of the Preservation Party
    • Helga Oviedo Moreno (PP), 2010 PP Presidential candidate
  • People's Democratic Unity (primary conducted at November 2013 conference)
    • Jorge Arrate (PCCh), perennial Communist candidate and Party Secretary-General
    • José Miguel Insulza (PSDP), former Minister of Finance (2001-2006) and Minister of Justice (1998-2001). Currently Chairman of the Organization of American States (2008-present)
    • José Antonio Gómez (PSDP), former Minister of Justica (2002-2005), Secretary-General of PSDP (2007-present)
  • Radical Party (primary conducted by party poll on July 9, 2013)
    • Jesús Cohn Martinelli, current Party President (from 2007) and 2006 Presidential nominee
    • Elizabeth Arias Marinakis, Senator for Araucanía (2010-present), former Ambassador to Paraguay (2007-2010)



First Round

Candidate Party Votes  % Result
1 Jesús Cohn Martinelli PR 31.2% Runoff
2 Hernán Larraín UG 14.7% Eliminated
3 Michelle Bachelet PDS 12.6% Eliminated
4 José Miguel Insulza PSDP 10.4% Eliminated
5 Evelyn Matthei PN 31.1% Runoff


Candidate Party Votes  % Result
1 Jesús Cohn Martinelli PR 50.2 Elected
2 Evelyn Matthei PN 49.8