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Chilean Presidential election, 1998
January 18-February 15, 1998
Ricardo Lagos Andres Zaldivar
Candidate Ricardo Lagos Andrés Zaldívar
Alliance UDP CDN
Ernesto Platera Vladimir Anselmo Sule Candia Sin foto
Candidate Ernesto Platera Anselmo Sule Eduardo Serpa
Party PCCh PR Ind.

The Chilean Presidential election of 1998 was held on January 18 and February 15 in two rounds, with Ricardo Lagos emerging victorious in the runoff with 56.8% of the vote. The election was the third such held under the 1990 Constitution and, along with the elections to the Congress in March, returned power to the Chilean left under the left-wing PSDP and center-left PDS, which were formally in a coalition called People's Democratic Unity for the purposes of the election. This was the first election in which the right-wing parties formally ran a single candidate under the National Democratic Confederation ballot, in this case Andrés Zaldívar.



First Round

Candidate Party Votes  % Result
1 Anselmo Sule Candia PR 20.4% Eliminated
2 Ernesto Platera PCCh 3.8% Eliminated
3 Ricardo Lagos Escobar PSDP (UDP) 31.6% Runoff
4 Eduardo Serpa Ind. 12.9% Eliminated
5 Andrés Zaldívar Larrain PDC (CDN) 31.3% Runoff


Candidate Party Votes  % Result
1 Andrés Zaldívar Larrain PDC (CDN) 48.7 Eliminated
2 Ricardo Lagos Escobar PSDP (UDP) 51.3 Elected

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