Republic of Chile
Republica de Chile
— Nation of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Chile
Flag of Chile
Flag of Chile
(and largest city)
Other cities Valparaiso, Conception, Pacifica, Antofagasta
  others English, Portuguese,
Religion Catholicism
Population 17,002,617 (1995 Census) 
Established 1844
Admission 1973
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -4
Abbreviations CHI
 On July 1, 1973 the UR was founded in Commodra Rividara by representatives from the Democratic Government of Chile, exiled from the country earlier, and immediately Argentine Alliance forces began to invade central and northern Chile, and by 1980 completed pushing militants into Northern Peru and disposing of dictator Augusto Pinochet. Chile gained its independence from Spain in  1844. Chile sits high in the Andes mountains bordering the southern Pacific, mainly made up of mountains, thin plains, and a fjorded coastline. Also included in Chile is Easter Island, Juan Fernandez, Salas y Gomez, and Desventuradas. Chile is a mineral rich nation and its main industry including mining, technology, solar panel development, and construction materials and goods. Santiago is the current capital of the United Republics. Santiago, Conception, Valparaiso, and Pacifica were damaged by an earthquake in 1986 but recovered fully by 1990. Further addition of high speed rail has connected these communities into the Greater Santiago Metro Area.