Republic of Chile
Republica de Chile
Timeline: Napoleon's Australian Victory

OTL equivalent: Chile, Polynesia
Flag of Chile Coat of arms of Chile
Flag Coat of Arms
NAV Chile
Location of Republic of Chile

Por la razón o la fuerza (Spanish)

Anthem "National Anthem of Chile"
(and largest city)
Language Spanish
Religion Catholicism
Demonym Chilean
Government Unitary Parliamentary Presidential Republic
  legislature National Congress
Established 1814
Independence from French Empire/Spain
  declared 1818
Currency Peso
Internet TLD .cl
Organizations FN

The Republic of Chile, commonly referred to as Chile is a country on the Pacific coast of South America. It borders Peru and Martinia to the North, and the Rio de Plata to the East over the Andes Mountains. Chile possesses a protectorate over vast areas of the Eastern Pacific, and claims large areas of Antarctica. 

Before the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s, the majority of Chile was ruled by the Inca empire, with the Southern region begin inhabited by the Mapuche. After Napoleonic France annexed Spain in 1814, Chile declared its independence. It was a belligerent in the American theatre of the Napoleonic Wars, and along with Brazil and the Rio de Plata helped limit Napoleon's advance to greater Columbia. Chile's large navy enabled it to take possession of many Pacific Islands, making the former colony a colonial power in its own right. 

Today, Chile is a stable democracy and a regional power in the Eastern Pacific. It is a member of the Fraternite des Nations and the Coalition.