Federal Republic Of Chile
Republica Federativa De Chile
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire
Flag of Chile Coat of arms of Chile
Flag of Chile Coat of Arms Of Chile
Chile orthographicos (ATALFMAOE)
Chile Map

Por La Razon O La Fuerza (Spanish)
("For The Ration Or The Force")

Anthem "La Independencai De Dios!!!"
Capital Santiago
Largest city Valparaiso,
Other cities Conception, La Serena, Antofagasta, Rancagua, Talca, Chillan, Temuco, Valdivia, Punta Arenas,
  others English,
Religion Catholicsm, Roman Catholicsm, Christiannity
Ethnic Groups
Mestizos (67%)
  others White (45%) Latino (54%) Afro-Chilean (34%)
Demonym Chilean
Government Representative Democracy
  legislature Junta Gobernacion De Federativa
President Michelle Bachelet
Area 756,950 km²
Population 15,000,000 
Established September 18, 1810 (Government Junta)
Independence from Spain
  declared February 18, 1818
  recognized 1840
Currency Peso
Time Zone Easter Island Time Zone

(UTC-06:00) Chile Time Zone (UTC-04:00)

Calling Code +56
Internet TLD .ci, .eu, .usa, .mex, .SovietPact,
Organizations UN, EU, US Military Command
Chile, officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: República de Chile), is a country in South America occupying a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, the Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. It is one of two countries in South America (with Ecuador) which do not border Brazil.

Currently, Chile is one of the world's most stable and prosperous nations. It leads the world nations in human development, gross domestic product per capita, competitiveness, quality of life, political stability, globalization, economic freedom, low perception of corruption and comparatively low poverty rates. It also ranks high in freedom of the press, democratic development and literacy. However, it has a high income inequality.

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