Chile-Argentina War

Chilean tank hits an Argentinian truck

Date October 8-November 13, 2002
Location Chile
Result Chilean victory
Consequences Treaty of Monserrate
Commanders and leaders
Jose Del Rey
Martin Altamirano
Army: 311,000
Army: 289,000
Casualties and losses (civilian and military)
3970 1640

The Chile-Argentina War was a war fought in 2002.

Causes of the war

In the Invasion of Chile, Argentina was able to make some gains. But by 2002, they felt they had not gotten enough. They planned a second invasion (and occupation) that year. But, this time Chile was ready. They had secretly built border defenses and had trained up its army.


On October 8, 2002, 102 Argentinian tanks and 108,000 soldiers crossed the border. Just 20 miles in, they met fierce resistance. That day, Argentina lost 800 men and 72 tanks. By October 13, Chilean troops had pushed them back into Argentina. Chile sent 60,000 soldiers to take Mendoza. They faced lots of resistance, but slowly moved along. On October 28, they began a siege of Mendoza. After 2 weeks, the town finally surrendered. Two days later, Argentina surrendered and gave up Mendoza.

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