Children of Israel
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Formation 1968
Membership 127

The Children of Israel Committee, often called simply Children of Israel, is a Jewish Republic-based lobbying group that advocates for the establishment for a Jewish state that encompasses the whole of the historical land of Israel.  Describing itself as "The World's Pro-Judaism Lobby", Children of Israel is a mass-membership, Jewish Republic-based organization. The New York Times has called it "the most important organization affecting the standing of Zionism in the world today. The group describes itself as Ultra-Zionist, calling not only for the re-establishment of a Jewish state in the former Israeli territory, but also for the encompassing of biblical Israel as retribution for the conquering of the state in 1967.

Many Anti-Islamic and Anti-Arab acts of violence have been committed by members of Children of Israel, though the organization itself does not support violence. All members of Children of Israel are banned from entering the UAR, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Cuba.