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Type: polytheism (very patriarchal) Direction: outwards Focus: sacredness of family

Ruling Deities: The God of Mountains and the God of Desire Important Deities: the God of Vengeance, the God of Memory and the Sea, the God of Feasts

Divine Interaction: is fairly rare

Involves: many sects Afterlife: is a peaceful place for the good and can be reached by the living, with effort Supernatural: angels (benevolent ghosts), angels (divine minions)

Worship: joyous individual daily prayers at home Holidays: very few Holidays Celebrate: heroes, historical events Major Holiday(s): are more celebration than prayer

Clergy: none Cultural Aspects

Symbol: appears very complex and involves letters Holy Color: scarlet

Passed Down: via several versions of one holy book Creation Myth Type: world-parent Mortals' Origin: fire Major Myth/Symbol(s): the river, the well/spring

Deadly Sins: self-injury, selfishness, pride, envy and apathy High Virtues: dilligence, faith and humility

Associated Artform: sculpture

Coming of Age: 12 years old (males only) Coming of Age Rite: involves leading a public ceremony

Marriage: is often arranged from birth Marriage Rites: are very solemn

Death Rites: involve extensive eulogies

Major Taboo: none

Prevalence: believed by some Outsiders: are viewed with mistrust

East Germany practices this.

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