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Chienchou (Age of Empires)

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Republic of Chienchou
Timeline: Age of Empires
800px-Flag of Chienchou.svg Coal of arms of Chienchou
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: Ode to Chienchou
Capital: Chienchou city
Largest city: Chienchou city
Other cities: Fuyu, Puning
Language: Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Religion: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhaism
Ethnic groups:
Chinese, Korean
  other: Japanese, American
Type of government: Parliamentary republics
  government: Representative democracy
President: Hsu Kuang Yang
Premier: Yuan Shih Hsiang
Area: 15,254 km²
Population: 1,521,994 
Established: 4648(1951AD)
Independence: from China
HDI: 0.911
Currency: Chienchou Yuan
Internet TLD: .cc,.建州
Calling code: 446
Organizations: United Nations

Chienchou is a country located in a little part of former Chinese colony in North America.

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