The Chiefs of Sanafah, alternatively called the Chiefs of Sakalava in reference to the Malagasy tribes that the chief primarily rules over, is the eldest title of the Emperor of Madagasikara and was one of the co-rulers of the Sanafah Emirate from its independence in 1457 until 1482.

Starting in 1482, the Chief of Sanafah adopted the title Emperor of Madagasikara but retained the title Chief of Sanafah and Sakalava. From that point forward, as verified in the Madagasikaran Civil War, the Emperor of Madagasikara was the sole Head of State of Madagasikara.

List of Chiefs

Name Lifespan Reign span Notes
Posariay 1393- 1457 ???- 1457
Tiavana 1417- 1478 (61 years) 1457- 1478 (21 years) First Chief over Sanafah
Andrés 1442- 1497 (55 years) 1478- 1497 (19 years) Formerly named Andry
Esteban 1475- 1533 (59 years) 1497- 1533 (36 years)

"the Pious"

Ignacio 1500-Present 1533-Present


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