When Victoria became Queen of Oceania, she was called Wikitoria. Unlike English laws, Maori and Australian laws said a woman could be chieftainess if she was the oldest child of the previous Chief. Therefore, Victoria's daughter, wife to Frederick III of Germany, became Queen of Oceania while Edward VII, the oldest son of Victoria I became King of England. Wikitoria II, or Wikitoria Ruake ("Victoria Double-Foreign", because she was English and German) was Chieftaness. Her son, Wilhelm II of Germany, was Chief of Oceania. Wilhelm was deposed by Friedrich something-or-other who hated New Zealand and dismissed it from his "presidency".

House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha

Kekuni (Maori House)

  • Wikitoria I "Kekuini" (Queen Victoria of England)

Ruake (Maori House)

  • Wikitoria II "Ruake" (Victoria, consort of Germany)

House of Hohenzollen

  • Pire "Ruake" (Wilhelm II Germany)
  • Pire II "Ruake" (Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany)

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